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Win10pe Se (12/2016)

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Win10pe Se (12/2016)

Win10pe Se (12/2016) | 262 Mb

The Win10PE SE project provides a basis for building a PE environment using a Windows 10™ DVD and supports both x86 and x64 architectures.
Copying the Windows 10 DVD's contents to a folder on your hard drive is highly recommended.
It is highly advised to use the "Extract Wim folders" in Utils folder for a faster and more reliable building.
Take pleasure in personalizing it by adding your own application Plugins.

Thank you very much to ALL who help to make live this project and to make it better.

Happy Building, Testing & Using. Have Fun, I hope you like.

Whats New:
Updated Win10PE_SE_2016-12-08

The project now supports multi language fallback. We had 2 levels before as fr-FR > en-US or en-GB > en-US.
It allows building with ISOs, such as Windows 10 SpanishMexico, With Multilingual User Interface (MUI):
Spanish (Mexico) > Spanish (International) > English (United States) or es-MX > es-ES > en-US
It uses updated tools: Wiminfo 1.3.0 Thanks JFX, FindLanguages 1.1.0, LCIDUtil 1.1.0

Chief PluginCache: Create/Restore cache automatically for very fast 'Basic' + 'Components' builds.
The second building and followings can be up to 2 times faster.
For more information look at Chief PluginCache thread Thanks Lancelot

Logon as Admin: Choose between the System (default) or Administrator session at startup with a countdown (3 sec)
It takes now 3 additional (or less in case of choice) seconds to start compared to a standard building
With the advantage of letting you choose the session to start, and this with the same construction

PENetwork: Updated PENetwork 0.59.Beta 4. Thanks Holger
Mozilla Firefox CR: updated v50.0.2.6177. Add Proxy settings. Thanks to Holger
Explorer Shell: Avoid double Removable Drive Icon in navigation Pane
Classic Shell: Updated to v4.3.0
Start10: Updated to v1.5
StartIsBack++: Updated to v1.3.4
NotePad2: Added No Warn option for opening large file size
7-Zip in tools folder: 7-zip updated v16.04
BootIce Pauly: back to v1.332 . Bootice 1.3.4. CmdLine /fstype=FAT32(NTFS) does not work. It is used for format in Copy to USB.
PluginManager: Updated PluginManager.exe v.2.12. Thanks Galapo
PostConfig: Use the new SHDirMove tool to move folder and replace the native buggy wb Dirmove, with Halt in case of (Unknown) error.
To move a folder, you can use Call,DirMove from Macro Library (ML) Which also uses SHDirMove and with a DirCopy/Delete fallback in case of need.

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